Marriott Events Coordinator in Vietnam, Vietnam


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Responsible in all secretarial and office administrative work of the Sales & Marketing department. Assists the Director of Sales & Marketing to ensure good communication within the department, with other hotel departments, with Starwood offices and between the hotel and the market. Supports the department in maintaining good follow-up on all tasks in a timely manner. Coordinates with departments and individuals concerned in preparation and submission of reports as required. Assists the Director of Sales & Marketing in control and maximization of departmental resources.

-[if !supportLists]->1. -[endif]->Ensure high quality, excellence and value in workprocesses and outcomes by exceeding standards.

  1. -[endif]->Ensure all departmental KPI s are tracked andreported on a monthly basis.

  2. -[endif]->Ensure SIMS is entered accurately each month andthe appropriate files are kepted for auditing purposes in the hotel.

  3. -[endif]->Handles and coordinates all site inspections,detailing VIP/WOW site inspection rundowns issued and communicated to alldepartments.

  4. -[endif]->Preparation of customer correspondence, proposals,contracts and Delphi entry throughout the day for each of the sales teammembers as required.

  5. -[endif]->Participate in IFH Mystery Call programme.

  6. -[endif]->Arrange appointments and meetings with customersand other departments as directed by the Director of Sales/Marketing andprepares the appropriate material for each appointment or meeting.

  7. -[endif]->Takes minutes of meetings, accurately transcribesand circulates to appropriate recipients.

  8. -[endif]->Ensuresall reporting and servicing deadlines are met in a timely fashion.

-[if !supportLists]->10. -[endif]->Promptlyhandles daily in-coming mail and internal correspondence.

-[if !supportLists]->11. -[endif]->Maintainsa filing and tracing system for the Sales & Marketing Department.

-[if !supportLists]->12. -[endif]->Answers and handles all incoming telephone callsfor the department according to the Hotel s Standards & Procedures.

-[if !supportLists]->13. -[endif]->Coordinates& organizes business travel arrangements for the department.

-[if !supportLists]->14. -[endif]->Requisition or purchasing of office suppliesaccording to the Hotel s policies and procedures.

-[if !supportLists]->15. -[endif]->Ensurethe Sales & Marketing database is kept current and up-to-date.

-[if !supportLists]->16. -[endif]->Interacts with departments and hotel staff in aprofessional and efficient manner to foster a good rapport, promote team spiritand ensure effective two-way communication.

-[if !supportLists]->17. -[endif]->Maintainsstrictest confidentiality at all times on all matters.

-[if !supportLists]->18. -[endif]->Responsible for inventory control and maintains asafe and secure working environment.

  1. -[endif]->Shift and forth efficiently between two or moreactivities and balancing priorities effectively.

-[if !supportLists]->20. -[endif]->Followpolicies and procedures.

-[if !supportLists]->21. -[endif]->Managetime effectively to complete the tasks required.

-[if !supportLists]->22. -[endif]->Demonstratesenthusiasm and passion for our customers.

-[if !supportLists]->23. -[endif]->Consistentlyanticipate customer problems and determine appropriate resolution.

-[if !supportLists]->24. -[endif]->Demonstrateteam spirit and cooperation.

-[if !supportLists]->25. -[endif]->Worksclosely with team members to achieve common goals and objectives.

-[if !supportLists]->26. -[endif]->Familiarwith hotel safety, current first aid and fire emergency procedures.

-[if !supportLists]->27. -[endif]->Abide bythe code of conduct.

-[if !supportLists]->28. -[endif]->Abide bythe Employee Handbook.

  1. -[endif]->Maintaina high level of output and quality regardless of the task load.

-[if !supportLists]->30. -[endif]->Takeinitiative and act quickly to deliver projects in a professional manner.

-[if !supportLists]->31. -[endif]->Takeaction to ensure overall success of department / organization.

Job: Sales and Marketing

Organization: Le Meridien

Location: VNM-Vietnam

Requisition ID: 17001I3A